UTM Library, Archives & Special Collections welcomes donations of archival material and rare books from members of the UTM campus community and the general public.


Please contact the Head, Collections & Digital Scholarship with questions or to discuss potential donations.


What we collect


We will consider all potential donations that fall within our mandate outlined in the Collection Policy. Currently, we are especially interested in donations in the following areas:


Student life


Personal records such as correspondence, ephemera (posters, programs, etc.), meeting minutes, and photographs that depict all areas of student life at Erindale College & UTM including athletics, orientation, residence life, social and academic club activities, student activism, student government, and theatre.


UTM campus publications


Missing issues of official and unofficial print publications such as academic calendars, annual reportsdepartmental handbooks, newsletters and student journals.


UTM personal records


Personal records of retired faculty, librarian, and staff members with longstanding connections to Erindale College & UTM who contributed significantly to the history of the campus and their field of expertise.


Special collections


We are also interested in private donations of rare and unique material from the general public that complement our existing holdings in the following broad areas:


    • Biodiversity
    • Erindale History
    • Game Studies
    • Latin American & Caribbean Studies
    • South Asian Studies


We are open to acquiring rare and unique materials in other areas if they align with UTM research and teaching priorities.


How to donate


Collection policy


To determine whether we are a suitable repository for your donation, prospective donors are invited to consult our Collection Policy for more details about what we collect and how material is selected for inclusion.


Deed of gift


Donors must sign a deed of gift for most donations of archival material to document the transfer of ownership to the University of Toronto Mississauga Library.


The deed specifies the terms of the donation, including scope and content of the material, obligations of the Library to the donor, and the donor’s obligations to the LibraryThe Library’s obligations address issues related to privacy, copyright, disposal of non-archival material, preservation, and access and use of the material.


Tax Receipts


Tax receipts are generally not issued for donations of archival material. However, the Chief Librarian reserves the right to issue a tax receipt in exceptional circumstances.


What we don't collect


UTM Library, Archives & Special Collections does not acquire material in the following categories:


  • Material that falls within our mandate but does not meet other inclusion criteria outlined in our Collection Policy
  • Three-dimensional artifacts or similar museum material (clothing, trophies, etc.)
  • Official university records


UTM University records


UTM Library, Archives & Special Collections is interested in acquiring, preserving and providing access to records created by UTM offices and departments that have generally been accessible to the public from the time of creation.


However, official university records of a legal, fiscal, administrative/operational nature which are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act should be transferred to the University of Toronto Archives & Records Management Services (UTARMS).


Current UTM faculty, staff and administrators who maintain university records that may be ready to be transferred to the Archives but are unsure of the appropriate repository are encouraged to reach out to the Records Archivist at UTARMS to determine which records belong at UTARMS and which can be transferred to the UTM Library.